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Hey man do you know where I can get a shirt that wryly parodies the forgettable 2007 Fantastic Four sequel and makes it about a dog instead? I really need one I’m meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time tonight and she said her dad would probably fight me if I didn’t have something like that. Like even if you know where I can get a shirt that has Stewie Griffin but dressed as Jar Jar Binks saying ‘meesa kill the vile woman’ or something you’d really be helping me out a lot man.
Why Magical Girls Are Never Attacked During A Tranformation




As some of you might already have guessed, I’m a fan of Japanese girl idols. One of the many, many idol groups in existence today in Japan is NMB48, a Osaka-based spin-off group of the (in)famous AKB48. NMB has a weekly show that’s…

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I had a dream they unveiled a new diglett evolution that was basically like 20 digletts in a group.

it was called dugstruction.


this is what dreams are made of

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pixel pigeons!! been meaning to do something like this for a while… you can get em as stickers here!

Showgirls getting ready. Las Vegas, Nevada, 1950s.
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I wasn’t sure how to start this, so I’ll just jump right in.

My father was a cop. He was a good cop! He was a great cop. He taught me about defending people, he taught me about being honest, he taught me about helping people. I always thought it was funny…

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Desert Winds
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nirvanainkarma said: What do you think of the Twilight Zone adaptation of Ambrose Bierce's weird war classic "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"? (Even though it was technically a short film imported from France.) I find it the best weird fiction adaptation I've seen since HPLHS's Call of Cthulhu silent film.


Ah, I am in the throes of a post-(random)day-off bout of insomnia, so I thought I’d catch up on some messages. I’m sorry it has taken me a couple of days to respond.

I think it’s fantastic! I try to teach that story every few terms and always show that episode afterwards. If folks who are reading works of Lit and watching adaptations of those stories under duress (ha) still manage to enjoy both, I’d say that’s a mark of a fine tale and a great short film.
If anyone else is reading this and has not yet read Ambrose Bierce’s story, you can read it here. If you have not seen the episode of TZ that nirvanainkarma is talking about, you can view it here


Thanks for the note, for the mention of a great work of odd Lit, and for following!










"Our police kill you with batons and shields, not with guns, like they do in the colonies. Much more civilised." 

Man remember the civillized and peaceful crowd control Britainnpractised in India?

yo i don’t think the point of this tweet is to glorify Britain’s police?

The guy who posted it has been going on all morning about how police brutality of people in custody doesn’t happen in Britain, just America; defending their murder of Ian Tomlinson; and giving the whole “police are our servants, they prefer to be unarmed” bullshit. He’s definitely trying to glorify the British police (while criticising the American police)

In Britain over a thousand people have been killed after contact with the police in over a decade or so, and no copper has ever been done for it

I think this kid forgets the British riot control tactics used in Northern Ireland, you know, Bloody Sunday.

Yeah, and the Brazilian electrian they gunned down as he was travelling to work - and nobody got done. In fact the person in charge got a promotion.
British police don’t shoot people as often as other police forces because they don’t have to. They have unbelievable powers.
They have the power to arrest you before a crime takes place (thought crime), they kettle whole groups of fans/protesters indefnitely without water or lavvies, they detain fans on the motorway, put them up in a hotel for the night then escort them home - all the time under police guard, they have the largest network of CCTV in europe, they use drones now to monitor groups, they were using them before it was even legal, they got told off but carried on using em anyway
I could go on
Like how you have to apply for the right protest. You need police approval before you have a demonstration. What kind of shit is this.
This is partly why fuck all ever happens in the UK
At the G8 the other year when a window got smashed, the country became hysterical - a smashed window, anarchy! chaos!
A few weeks later in europe they put us to shame by laying waste to banks, McDonalds etc. burning expensive cars, forming barricades and really giving it to the police over severa ldays
But it hardly ever gets to that stage in the UK because police have an iron grip
The oppression dished out by British plod is as good as it gets. That’s why British police go around the world training other governments how to suppress and beat their own people - like the former MET police chief who advises Bahrain how to attack their own people.

Jesus and apparently the same guy has been claiming Mark Duggan’s death was justified because he was an “actual gangster” with a gun.
A mysteriously police issue gun that witnesses claim was put there by a cop, but hey, there was a gun near him and according to Mr Benedict Evans, that’s all that matters.

Why are they always called Benedict
That tweet just seems so patronising. The people who can best appreciate what’s wrong with riot police carrying assault rifles are the Americans currently experiencing it, but no, let’s turn suffering into another round of ‘which nation is negligibly less terrible’
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today i watched a roomba scoot through the open door of a nearby bakery and onward to freedom as a panicked cleaning crew chased after it. all hail the robot uprising

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women dont have rights over their own bodies

innocent black people are getting gunned down

people are having to protest for basic human rights

did i just describe 1914 or 2014?

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